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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 14, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this thursday afternoon. you've got live pictures of the senate floor because any moment the u.s. senate will put on congressional record a rare rejection of president trump and it is the second time in two days. plus today's rebuke has an even deeper sting since it is over donald trump's markey campaign promise, building that border wall. senators are on the verge of approving a resolution to block the president's national emergency declaration. the declaration is supposed to unlock $3.6 billion from the
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defense department to go toward the wall. just a short while ago, the president said this about today's vote. >> i'll probably have to veto and it's not going to be overturned and we'll have our whole thing. it's been -- the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important. it's a border security vote. it's pure and simple. it's a vote for border security and a vote for no crime. >> however, many members of trump's own party say this vote is actually about a president overreaching his powers which is why the list of republicans voting to approve this block is growing of the straight to capitol hill we go. manu raju has this vote tally. the fear from at least the white house that as many as 14 republican senators could say yes to blocking the president's national emergency. what are the numbers you have right now? >> reporter: ten republicans have announced they plan to vote
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against the president, voting for that disapproval resolution in a matter of minutes, 47 democrats are going to vote for the resolution, that means 57 at the moment at least will rebuke the president enough to send it to his desk that at the moment is short of the 67 needed to overturn a veto. we expect more republicans potentially to vote for this measure but behind the scenes, the president and vice president have been trying to limit those deflections in the republican side. they've had some success. one senator told he spoke with the president this week and the president made it very clear he wanted his -- this emergency declaration to go for isakson said he would stand with the president. others made their position known including mitt romney who told the president last week that he plans to vote against him, support this resolution and he's doing so because he needs to uphold the constitution and he said the president urged him to
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change his mind. >> i informed the president last week that i would be voting in favor of the resolution of disapproval. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he'd rather have me vote in a different direction but i let him know that this for me is a matter of defending the constitution. >> reporter: the president's been lobbying pretty hard on this. are you worried about backlash from the president for your support? >> i think the president recognizes that senators will vote their conscience and vote base upon their assessment of what's at stake and the principles involved and different senators see it different ways. that's an issue of a pluristic senate but the president can certainly express his views as he has and individual senators will express theirs. >> reporter: and three republican senators last night, brooke, tried to essentially stage an intervention at the white house last night. senator lindsey graham along with ben sasse and mike lee all went to the white house in what
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graham says interrupting trump's dinner to discuss with him a possible deal to avoid more defections, urged the president to back a separate proposal to limit the use of national emergencies in the future. the president would not go along with that, but the pitch to him was, support that, perhaps you can limit republican defections, the president would not go along with that so the behind the scenes effort by the president having not much success in preventing this vote certainly from passing today, the only question now is how many republican senators will ultimately defect? at least ten right now, brooke. >> we'll chat again during the vote. while some republicans and all democrats see this vote as really a way to stop the power grab, sources say the president sees this as a loyalty test. again, we are minutes from this vote and while we wait, let's talk to gloria borger and charlie dent. so, gloria, to you first on -- trump sees this as a loyalty test. >> uh-hum.
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>> how big of an embarrassment might this be to the president? >> pretty big. this is the second time he's going to lose something in the senate. the first time came when republicans voted to pull back american aid to forces in yemen and then this, again, as you point out, this is something the president campaigned on, it was his number one issue. he's trying to make it a loyalty test and say this is about border security. republicans are -- should be united with me on border security and they're saying, no, no there's something important here and that's the constitution. even though the president sort of hinted, maybe, okay you vote for this and maybe later i'll support you on -- i'll never do it again or no president can ever do it again and that's a little hockeyy. that is a big embarrassment. >> you would expect the susan collins and lisa murkowskis and
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ben sasse's of the world, rand paul, rob portman just got added to vote yes. you wouldn't expect these names, so is there a certain senator who is surprising you the most and who else are you really going to be watching for? >> well, brooke, i'm not surprised by any of the names you mentioned. i'm really, frankly, shocked that there are not more republican members of congress who aren't voting for this resolution. >> really? >> there is an emergency. the emergency is the presidential assault on congress's power of the purse authority under article 1 of the constitution. that is the emergency. as far as i can tell, the loyalty here is to the constitution, not to the president. the president is taking defense dollars, military construction dollars and moving them for a nondefense purpose. that breaks the law. there's all sorts of problems with this thing. i wrote the military construction bill before i left congress, so i know a little bit about this. if you're a senator and you're going to vote against this
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resolution, understand that your state has many -- has many projects that the president could siphon money from and you'll be exposed on that issue. >> why do you think they're not doing that? what are they afraid of? >> i think the president gets the base ginned up and many members, republican members, unfortunately, are looking over their right shoulder. they're worried about a primary or maybe a presidential tweet and getting cross wise with the president. this is a simple issue of separation of powers, of congress protecting its power of the purse authority, plain and simple. slam dunk. >> gloria, back to manu's reporting about essentially you have these three senators, these are typical allies of the president, graham, sasse, cruz and they barge in to this white house dinner and say, i'll do this, i'll vote in your favor but promise me you will never do this again? where does trump stand on this? >> well, he's sort of, like, okay, he tweeted at a later date
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if congress wants to update the law i'll support those efforts, but what is that worth and as charlie dent is saying, you know, these members of congress, these conservatives and democrats who are joining are saying to themselves, what are we doing here? if we allow this president to have this authority and we're supposed to be the ones with the power of the purse and then he can start moving around all the chips on the table when he wants to, you have to ask yourself whether you've essentially neutered yourself and your responsibilities as a member of congress, not only to your constituents but as charlie dent is also saying to the constitution. >> yeah. >> and every member of congress has to ask himself and say, who am i and what am i doing here, to repeat a phrase. >> why would they, charlie dent, why would they give him this one time pass?
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why even be allowed to do this once? >> it all has to do with primary pressures, getting members of the congress -- republican members are worried about getting cross wise with their base. it's really that simple. there's no other reason for this. if you're going to declare an emergency, a national emergency, then the remedy, in this case a wall should address the underlying emergency and i can make a very powerful case that building a barrier is not going to stop, you know, poor migrants from central american entering a port of entry and surrendering. you can't build the wall fast enough for a whole host of reasons. there are all sorts of problems with this thing from the article 1 issue. the remedy isn't going to address the underlying emergency. >> we are minutes away from the vote. we'll talk about it when it happens live. thank you very, very much for that. beto o'rourke makes it official launching his 2020 campaign with a swing through iowa and a front cover of vanity
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fa "vanity fair". he says he was just born to do this but what does he stand for? and 33 parents facing charges in that massive college cheating scandal, but what about the students involved? will they be expelled? what the schools are saying about that now? and he's one of robert mueller's top prosecutors. he's been referred to as the lebron james of money laundering investigations. what his departure says about the mueller investigation overall? you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. send that t? yeah. our new smartphone plan gives you talk text and data with unlimited carryover starting at $15 a month, no contract. all with nationwide coverage... tracfone. for moments that matter. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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self-described soul searching, the former texas congressman has finally made his decision, he is running for president in 2020 and he's already campaigning in the first state to hold a presidential nominating vote, iowa. >> it's the first stop in our campaign to be president of the united states. this setting right now, the very first event of our campaign for president is an example not only of the way i wish to campaign across this country for every single american and i could careless, your party persuasion, your religion, anything other than the fact that right now we're all americans and we're all human beings and we do everything within our power for one another, for this great country and for every generation that follows. this is democracy. >> his announcement coincides with an extensive profile in vanity fa"vanity fair" in which he is, quote, born to do this.
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so with me now, vick colins. they just interviewed o'rourke. so thank you so much for being with me. i got to start with this vanity fa"vanity fair" bit because this is -- this is a guy that seems to me paints himself as, i was once on the el paso city council and i ride my bike to political events and i like to instagram my family. i'm just like you. why vanity fa"vanity fair"? >> i understand libowitz has has a connection to el paso. you think her father was in the military. that could be the reason that happened. >> do you think it's fitting with his personality? >> i'm sorry. >> do you think it's fitting with his personality? >> the "vanity fair" piece? >> yes. >> i saw part of it and read
11:17 am
part of it. it portrayed his personality pretty well. he's just like -- when he was -- when he was a congressman, you would just run across him on the street just by himself. nobody with him. easy to talk to, you know, so that part of him -- that's a correct persona. >> as we all know, this whole democratic field, everyone that's jumping in has been shifting left and from what i read in local texas politics, o'rourke has had success with a large number of white republicans and a former editor for your paper was actually quoted in "vanity fair" saying that o'rourke does indeed have a republican connection, but the article also points out that he can come off as, quote, politically indistinct and slippery. so do you think, vic, that's part of o'rourke's strategy to not define himself as a progressive to appeal to a more moderate democratic audience? >> well, he doesn't like to label himself in any way. when he was on city council
11:18 am
here, he was -- you would call h&m a progressive. they did a lot of things -- they gave tax incentives to a big complex -- that's a big retail complex. they had some part in trying to get a baseball stadium in downtown el paso, so he did have that progressive label here on the city council. >> so would you label him a progressive even though won't label himself as one? >> yeah. i mean, i'd say he's a progressive leaning maybe moderate, maybe. he portrays himself, of course, saying that he isn't running against anybody. he's just running for the country, running -- he did a lot of that in his texas campaign. he's just this guy that wants to bring the country together and, you know, that's what he said when trump came to el paso. he held a big rally, you know,
11:19 am
several thousands of people that was just like right across the parking lot from where trump was speaking to a big crowd also. >> made his mark, has made his mark for years and now he's on the main stage, so to speak now throwing his hat in to be the next president of the united states. vic, thank you for weighing in there from his hometown of el paso. the next presidential hall is with 2020 candidates elizabeth warren, jake tapper is hosting that. live from jackson, mississippi, monday night, 9:00 eastern here on cnn. we are getting fresh reaction from the chairman of the house intelligence committee today over emails that detail this back channel between michael cohen and rudy giuliani, something first reported right here on cnn, an attorney who said he was speaking with giuliani reassured cohen in an email that cohen could quote/unquote, sleep well
11:20 am
tonight because he had, quote, friends in high places. >> i'm wondering if you take that as a dangling of a pardon, if you have any concerns about that? >> we have seen the president dangle pardons publicly really through much of the course of the investigation. it doesn't require any great imagination to picture the president also having conversations privately as he's having quite publicly. we obviously are deeply interested in all the documents that mr. cohen produced and others that we've been able to obtain. we'll be looking to corroborate the evidence we've received and this is very much a deep interest of ours. >> robert bianca is a former prosecutor. bob, obviously chairman schiff is interested in looking in to
11:21 am
this. do you see this as some sort of pardon dangling? >> i don't know yet. i don't think we have all the facts. it comes down to what's being said of the there's nothing wrong with attorneys or people approaching the president who has the absolute authority of the pardon and say, we'd like you to consider this. the question becomes, whether or not if you play ball with us and don't cooperate, then we're inclined to give you a pardon. here's the thing, he did cooperate because you think -- >> he being michael cohen. >> michael cohen. cohen saw something that we've been saying some lawyers for a long time in him being a lawyer knows, you can pardon cohen for the federal crimes, but you can't pardon him for the state level crimes. i think unlike manafort, cohen's legal team sought smarter by not seeking the pardon. if i can get it, i can get it. i'd have to say to him as a defense lawyer, you get that federal pardon, you are going to be with the state ag and the manhattan district attorney's office in a hot flash and the president can do nothing for you. >> yeah, okay.
11:22 am
we'll see where it falls with regard to chairman schiff. i wanted to ask you about prosecutor andrew weissman. he's a key member of mueller's team. he was at roger stone's court appearance today. he's expected to leave the office and the doj soon. this is what steve bannon actually referred to him to michael wolff as the lebron james of money laundering investigation, so -- i know. so his departure. what does that signal for you? >> having led an agency of people that are very dedicated investigative personnel, involved in a very large investigation like a wiretap investigation, things like this, they want to stay on forever to see it to its conclusion. now absent a personal reason or personal calamity in his family, i don't think he just decided that, hey, look, let me get going. they want to see this to the conclusion so it leads me to believe that they are concluding and his efforts aren't
11:23 am
necessarily as dramatic because it's going to move into a different phase. >> yep. okay. you like that? good to see you. just a reminder, the senate is set to rebuke president trump over his emergency declaration and we're just now learning one republican who was going to vote against the president just changed his mind. hear why. my joints, they hurt. the pain and swelling. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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11:28 am
against this president but just changed his mind. let's go back to our senior congressional correspondent. tell us what he said? >> reporter: he made quite a flash just a few days ago when he wrote a "the washington post" op ed saying he was going to oppose the president on the emergency declaration saying that he was going to support for this resolution that is now on the senate floor to disapprove of the president's move saying very clearly that he runs counter to the constitution in that "the washington post" op ed. over the last several days, he's been engaged in conversations with the white house, with the president, with the vice president about changes to the national emergency law that the president is citing as part of this effort to move forward and because of those discussions that he's had, he's changed his mind. >> so, today, i come to the floor to say that i do not intend to vote for the resolution of disapproval and
11:29 am
here's why. a lot has changed over the last three weeks. a discussion with the vice president, a number of senior administration officials, a lot of collaboration with my colleague from utah that's a serious discussion about changing the national emergency's act in a way that will have congress speak on emergency actions in the future. the white house has been very gracious and i should say very patient given my initial position in working with us and as late as today having the president make a statement that he's willing to work with us. i suspect that we'll hear more from the president but we also heard today -- >> reporter: and that's a much different than what he said in that "the washington post" op ed when he said, i cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass congress. as a conservative, i cannot endorse a precedent that i know future left wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies that will erode economic and individual freedoms. tillis is up for re-election in
11:30 am
2020 in north carolina, a state in which he needs the president's supporters to really get behind him. we'll see how much that ultimately played in. he says it was discussions that he had with the white house that reassured him of a -- one other senate just announced his vote, roy blunt who's a member of the republican leadership, he's on the senate appropriations committee, he said he would buck the president, vote for this disapproval resolution. so that means right now, brooke, we're standing at the moment ten republican senators still who plan to vote against the president joining the 47 democrats, so at the moment, 57 senators will vote to send this to the president's desk. there is enough support to send this to trump's desk, the first veto of his presidency on an issue so central to his campaign and to his first term here in office, but at the moment it appears unlikely to get the 67
11:31 am
needed to overcome a veto from this president. nevertheless, a significant rebuke from the president. he's facing on the senate floor momentarily but one republican senator they got to change his mind, brooke? >> manu raju watching all the chess pieces moving about on the board there. stay with us. we'll see which republicans surprise everyone. why did it take the u.s. so long to ground those boeing jets involved in two deadly crashes? the president says, boeing has to figure it out fast. so why am i hosting a dental convention after party in my vegas suite? because lets me do me. who wants to floss me? you do you and get rewarded.
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a class action lawsuit has now been filed in the wake of the biggest college admission scam ever prosecuted in the united states. an outraged plaintiffs want the eight schools involved to pay up. those schools were negligent and denied students a fair process and at least one claims her stanford degree isn't worth as much because future employers may think she didn't get into her university the good old-fashioned way with hard
11:36 am
work. claire wang is the editor and chief of the stanford daily, so claire, thank you so much for being with me. to be clear, you're not part of this lawsuit but you do graduate next year and do you think this scandal cast doubts on your stanford degree? >> i mean, thank you very much for having me. also, i think, generally the sentiment around campus is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of disappointment especially for all those students who worked very hard to get in and made a lot of sacrifices in high school to get into stanford and to make the most of their degrees. there's a lot of uncertainty about what this means for the future for our futures after we graduate and also, you know, for the admissions process now. so i definitely agree with that sentiment, that there is a fair amount of, you know, not being sure about what this means for our futures which i think is very normal. >> it is normal and i feel for you and so many others who i'm sure got in, you know, by hard
11:37 am
work. my goodness. it's stanford and the piece of the story that's also coming out it's the sailing coach has been fired for his involvement in this whole scandal. school officials say it doesn't have any evidence that other employees were part of this. you described the mood on campus as students being disappointed, but you personally, just take your journalist hat off for one minute, and as a hard working stanford student, how do you feel? >> i mean, personally i definitely think that the accountability and the athletic process in the college admissions process is -- should be up for greater scrutiny given the current proceedings the university does say they're going to conduct their own internal review process. we're not sure what that looks like. they're redirecting the money that the sailing coach received and funneled into the sailing program so it won't benefit stanford in any way.
11:38 am
not sure what that looks like either, but -- >> what about the students, though? none of the students working with stanford's coach actually ended up attending but what do you think should happen to the students who did benefit on other elite college campuses? do you think they should be expelled because in some cases they had no idea what their parents had done? >> right. exactly. it's very unclear, you know, what sort of disciplinary action should be taken because so many of the students did not know, right, that their parents had taken this. it's not up to me as a student to decide how -- what sort of actions should be taking go forward -- >> what do you think is fair? >> i definitely think it's, you know -- the institution should be subject to greater scrutiny at least, college athletics recruiting should have a stronger fact finding, fact checking process to check people's credentials and to
11:39 am
analyze at college consulting services should be subject to more scrutiny and the college admissions process in general i think greater accountability mechanisms need to be in place to ensure that spots are allocated to students who, you know, earned them with integrity. >> integrity being the keyword. claire wang, a lot of strong points. thank you so much. good luck there in your final year and on this story, we're getting new details on how extensive this scam was and on william singer the man behind it. doug bellkin is a higher education journalist. we know that singer pleaded guilty to four charges earlier this week admitting that he created this quote/unquote, side door to help these wealthier clients get their kids into these top tier schools. just take me back to square one and how did this all get started. >> he moved to sacramento in the
11:40 am
late '80s. he was a basketball -- high school basketball coach, he parlayed that into an assistant coaching job in sacramento state and he opened up a shop helping local kids get counseling to get into college. the local high school there had won counselor, one guidance counselor for 2,200 students so there was a need and he filled it. he grew his business very slowly and steadily and began to raise his rates and ultimately moved to newport where he took this to a whole other level. >> when he took it to a whole new level, how would he make his move, so to speak, with some of these parents on this side door option? >> so what we know is he offered a guarantee and there's no college counselor who's legitimate who can guarantee a student that they're going to get an admission to any school because it's not their decision to make. they can prepare the student as best they can to put their best
11:41 am
foot forward. that's what differentiated him from his competitors and that's what drew these parents to him. >> 50 people, parents, coaches among them have been implicated in this whole thing. do you think singer had help outside of that, perhaps with his businesses, do you think more charges are forthcoming? >> i think this is the beginning of a pretty broad net that's going to pull in a lot more folks at schools. the number of folks who were part of getting these kids tested and then cheating on the tests is -- seems extensive. this seems likely to continue to grow. >> the whole thing -- okay. it will continue to grow and we'll watch for that fallout, but this guy's plan was so comprehensive, the bribes, the lying about students ethnicities, to utilize certain affirmative action programs, to doctor photos, of everything of all of your reporting, what is the craziest thing you've
11:42 am
learned about this whole story? >> so what's the most interesting about this, he's taken a system that is essentially tilted and he took it to the most logical level -- the next level. kids who are coming to these college counselors have so many advantages applying to school, you know. there's a line they can't cross. you can't lie. he did that all over the place. these fake i.d.s -- they didn't even participate in the sport, it's stunning that that was able to get by and eventually convinced these committees that these kids were, you know, elite athletes. >> when they had never played the sport. it's still stunning. doug, thank you for your reporting. good to have you on. we appreciate it. i want to get us back to our breaking news back in washington, d.c. where the senate is still voting now to rebuke the president over his emergency declaration. the president will likely issue his very first veto because of
11:43 am
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former texas congressman beto o'rourke campaigning in iowa today after officially joining the crowded 2020 democratic race. o'rourke ending his four month stretch of indecision as this "vanity fair" magazine cover hits the street. he's wearing jeans, outdoors with pickup truck and family dog.
11:48 am
are you feeling a bit of deja vu. perhaps you've seen this before. take a look at john edwards, circa 2007, cover image, men's vogue, youngish, democratic presidential hopeful, outz-oorz, jeans, pickup truck dog, same photographer. annie lebowitz and let me throw one more on you today, o'rourke's blue show and pose invoking president ronald reagan's 1981 "time" magazine cover, hands stuffed into the back pocket. let's analyze all of this. listen, everyone's having fun with these photos today, obviously, but what do you think of the comparisons? >> branding matters. >> branding matters. >> the o'rourke campaign like all the campaigns that are interested in 2020 are trying to find a way to connect. it's all about connecting with a group of americans who are going to spend a lot of time getting
11:49 am
your person elected. president trump, one of his geniuses, one of his real strengths is he can connect, whatever you think of it, it's true. he can connect. so these poses, by edwards, reagan, in the case of reagan he'd already one by edwards and o'rourke they're projecting the, i'm accessible. you know me. you've met me. i work at that ranch. i'm down the street from you. i'm someone you can believe, trust and like. that's what the message is saying. >> which is the secret sauce in becoming the next president of the united states. we've got some news here. we've had this resolution to te terminate trump's emergency declaration. i've got senior congressional correspondent manu raju standing by. what's the scoop? >> reporter: yeah, there are
11:50 am
enough votes to pass this measure and send it to the president's desk setting up the first veto of his presidency on this effort to block the president's emergency declaration. this vote still ongoing but right now, it appears to be almost called here, brooke. i'm looking at the tally right now. 59 yes votes, 41 no votes and 12 republicans who are voting for this effort to block the president's emergency resolution. at the moment it has not been officially called but the moment in this unofficial tally is 59-41. that is a sizeable rebuke to this president, a significant number of republicans, 12 from the unofficial tally, 12 republicans joining with the 47 democrats to vote to block the president's emergency declaration to build the border wall along the border with mexico to try to divert federal funding to spend money for this project that's been central to
11:51 am
his presidency, central to his campaign promise but 12 republicans we are seeing have defected despite the pressure, public and privately, that the white house has put on. these republicans have bolted. we're waiting for the exact tally to be announced here. 59-41 at the moment, brooke. a significant rebuke to the president setting up his first veto to his presidency. >> thank you. i've got charlie dent. as a republican, you were surprised that there weren't more republicans, were it 12 as manu and phil are reporting, 12 republicans so far vote to go terminate this national emergency declaration. you say not enough. >> again, this is -- this is an absolute assault by the president on congress's article i authority under the constitution. the power of the purse authority is being trampled upon. roy blunt is an appropriator, very sharp guy. he's voting for this, for good reason. i'm really surprised that more
11:52 am
haven't been jumping up and down screaming bloody murder over this assault on their own congressional authority. some must be very worried about their primaries. that's the only explanation. >> i just -- i'm looking at some notes i was handed. senators gardner and tillis, two of the most vulnerable, speaking of 2020, those are two republicans who sided with president trump. tim, to you on how this will likely be the president's first veto of his administration, can you compare first vetoes with previous presidents and where does this stack? >> this is a very different moment because this first veto is all about the strength of our constitution. there's always been a question, brooke -- we are in a moment of a stress test for our institutions and congress passed the test today as a former congressman mentioned. this was an easy vote for someone that believes in small government and it believes in a
11:53 am
strong congress. 12 republicans, at least, have sided with the democrats to say to the president, you can't use the national emergency authority the way you've used it. that shows a strong congress. that shows a congress that understands its constitutional responsibilities and so this will be remembered as a moment when the congress is pushing back against president trump. this doesn't compare to other first vetoes. this is far more significant. >> congressman, would you agree to that, a, and b, take us inside the mind of these republicans obviously some of whom feel strongly about the u.s. constitution but some of them are voting against what they actually want in the end, which is this border wall? >> well, first, i agree with the prior statement, but it seems to me very clearly that republicans are feeling real base pressure. i spoke with some house republicans who contacted me
11:54 am
after their vote, they voted to -- they voted to, you know, go against the president on this matter and they were getting a lot of complaints from, you know, republican activists. i suspect that might have been a motivating factor for a number of these republicans to vote against this resolution because there really is no good explanation for it because as an institution, congress has to stand up for itself and for the president to be able to reallocate or reprogram dollars without congressional approval to the magnitude he has -- he's taken 35% of the entire annual military construction budget, 3.6 billion out of 10.3 billion. they have five years to spend that, but still, this is a big deal. i am just astounded -- what's going to happen now the president is going to rue this day. tell you why. he needs the cooperation of congress to reallocate and reprogram money, to transfer money. that cooperation is going to go out the window because of this emergency declaration. it's going to be much harder for
11:55 am
the federal agencies to operate because it requires good will and faith and trust and now he's going to have to beg, literally, for any time he wants to move a nickel. this is a short sided victory for the president. >> gentlemen, stand by. we'll sneak a quick break in. the senate has spoken, 59-41 in favor of not the white house. they're blocking the president's national emergency with those 12 republican senators joining democrats in this embarrassing rebuke for the white house. you're watching cnn. quick break. we're back with more of this in just a moment. with all that usaa offers
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12:00 pm
we are back with a breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. so here you go for the second time in two days now, you have republicans rebuking this president, at least a dozen republican senators joining their democratic colleagues to vote to block the emergency declaration that the president issued to build a wall on the southern border. on the defections based on the belief trump's emergency oversteps a president's authority. >> i've got concerns about this legal framework. this is not about the president. this is not about my disagreement with or disapproval of the president or his approach to border security or his desire to build a barrier along our southern border. i think all those things need to happen, but this law, mr. president, is wrong. it's not president trump's fault. it's congress's. we need to change it. >> so let's go back to our senior congressional correspondent, manu